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Sam Stone, Kavanaugh's record shows that he thinks it's OK for employers to violate employee-protection laws, as long as they also broke the law by hiring them in the first place. And he's also on record as saying that it should be illegal to investigate the President, which is of course the reason why Trump picked him. That's not a "reasonable record".
Further, you could get into Kavanaugh's views about the (according to him) very broad powers the Executive Branch has when dealing with matters such as wartime detention of enemy combatants or of the Executive's power to conduct surveillance upon the domestic United States population. This post at ScotusBlog goes into Kavanaugh's jurisprudence while on the D.C. Circuit in great detail, and I would think would be a much better reason for the left, or civil libertarians, to dislike the appointment of Kavanaugh to the Court.