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Originally Posted by Fuzzy Dunlop View Post
Self described "Nice Guys" are the ones other people dislike, because they're not really nice people. They're whiny and feel entitled to have sex with any woman they treat in a way they consider nice.
IME as you imply, they often do not realize it. Many people seem to imply that "they are just being nice to get sex" when its more a dysfunctional perception of what women want. People call them entitled when more often than not they are confused. People are attributing to malice what is more accurately ignorance. Plenty of "Nice Guys" really do want relationships.

They are just going through a checklist like this:
I am clean and nicely dressed
I give her flowers
Take her nice places
Tell her how wonderful she is

She doesn't want to go out with me anymore, why have advances been rebuffed, why does she not want a relationship with me?

The problem is that they are looking at the lack of a relationship as a problem and are seeking the parts and tools to solve the problem.

They see other guys doing these things and don't realize that there is more to it because the details are not something we share with the world its how you relate when you are alone with them that makes the difference.

Its nowhere near as simple, and they dont realize that the checklist (clean, flowers, dinner, etc_ is just the admission to the game. The rest is how you play.

I blame TV for making it look too easy.

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