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Originally Posted by Fuzzy Dunlop View Post
Self described "Nice Guys" are the ones other people dislike, because they're not really nice people. They're whiny and feel entitled to have sex with any woman they treat in a way they consider nice.
And one has already posted to this thread. (I'm not naming names! Ow!)

Most of the guys I know are pretty nice, and most are partnered. One of my cousins used to work as a bouncer; he's large enough that even without "puffing up" most dudes would take a look and suddenly sober up*. He may have a mean bone someplace, but I've known him since he was born and I've never seen him be anything but kind. Even as a little kid, being mistreated by another of a similar size would be more likely to leave him confused than trigger a tantrum. He's the kind of guy who'll be very polite while immobilizing an asshole and taking him outside. He's also married, with a daughter.

* Anecdote told at his wedding by a short, small, built former coworker "we'd tell troublemakers 'dude, do I need to call Mike? he does karate' and they'd blow raspberries and we'd call Mike and they'd go 'aaaaaaaah!' and suddenly remember their manners, and then later they'd ask us 'and he does karate?' 'yeap' 'what does he need karate for?'"

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