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Originally Posted by Velocity View Post
Help me understand something: If evolutionary physiology is real, why isn't evolutionary psychology? Do only bodies evolve but not brains/minds?
There is some real science behind the evolution of human minds, and some serious scientific investigation into how much of modern human behavior can be traced back to evolutionary factors, but the "evolutionary psychology" that you see in youtube comments, from 'nice guys', or from PUAs/MRAs is sorely lacking things like controlled studies and peer reviewed papers. On examination, it ends up being just some guy making up a story to justify something that he thinks is true, then other people quoting him like it's respectable, or someone going to a real research paper and treating as complete proven fact an out of context conclusion or aside that's bounded by many conditional statements in the original.

Like I said before, one thing that is very telling is that evopsych explanations often assert that a 20th century American behavior is a result of evolutionary pressure in pre-history, but utterly fail to explain why other times and other cultural backgrounds produce different behavior.