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Also please note that she posed for a picture with arms around each other, apparently fairly immediately before his kiss on the back of her head. (See the The Cut article.) This was not just coming up to a complete stranger from behind and kissing them on the back of the head. The level was already at a point that arms around each other was considered okay.

Again, he was at fault for not realizing that a kiss on the back of the head might be considered more intimate than arms around each other, and at fault for not being aware of the power dynamic that many men (and women) in positions of relative power have been clueless about and many still are.

But making that lack of realization something that decides who is or is not qualified to be our nominee would be beyond dumb.

There are lots of reasons of substance to prefer a Harris or a Booker over Biden. IMHO, this is not one of them. OTOH, how he handles it can be telling as to his ability to handle all the other crap that a campaign will throw at him. And so far he has not done as well as he could.