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Originally Posted by iiandyiiii View Post
You have no way of knowing this. Consent for non-sexual touching like hugs is usually not verbal, especially between friends and family. You have no way to know if these are friends/family of Biden and/or if they consented to these instances of touch.

Further, you've provided no indication that these women and girls gave their consent for images of them being touched to be used in this way.
Look at the videos. Do you really think Biden asked first? I do not know if Russell's Teapot is really there or not but I feel comfortable in saying it is not there.

And as for the images thing I really do not know what you are after. They were all in a very public situation with loads of cameras pointed at them. Seems to me the consent is implicit. If they did not want to be photographed/recorded they need to not walk on the stage where cameras are pointed. Not like it is not obvious to anyone there.
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