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Originally Posted by Whack-a-Mole View Post
Well, Flores made a claim that looks like loads of other pics of Biden doing the same thing. Those pictures are relevant to show this is not a one-time oops from Biden but rather shows a pattern of similar behavior.

Maybe you are right and every other female in these pics welcomed the contact and Flores is the one outlier.

Would you make a substantial bet on it?
Uggh. It's just revolting the way your posts in this thread have continuously and blatantly disregarded the personhood and individuality of Stephanie Carter (you didn't even back off after she explicitly said that Biden was her close friend offering comfort!) and these other women and girls. I haven't made any other claims aside from criticism of Biden for the conduct Flores alleges and his response. I've made no claims at all about any of these women and girls, aside from Flores and Carter, both of whom have made their feelings clear.

Using women and girls without their consent is wrong. Your usage of Stephanie Carter and these other women and girls without their consent (and explicitly opposite to the account of Carter, even after you saw her statement) is wrong and, IMO, disgusting.