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Originally Posted by Whack-a-Mole View Post
I honestly do not think Biden is a perv. I think his hands-on, touchy thing is "innocent" inasmuch as, I think, he is just trying to be amiable.

But he doesn't do it to men and I think this is at the base of #MeToo. Men just do things to women that are sexist. They don't see it that way but they treat the "little ladies" differently. Biden is an old guy. He is of a different era. In the 1950's this would be charming behavior. In 2020 not so much.
Yes. And clearly Biden still sees nothing wrong with this conduct, which at best is patronizing. He's the Guy at the Top, comforting and bestowing his own wonderfulness on the little ladies. And he thinks that's great!

My guess is there is no footage of Biden doing this to a woman who clearly outranks him. Of course in US politics no one really outranks a Vice President, so we'd be talking about him (say) putting his hands on Queen Elizabeth's shoulders and kissing her hair.

That's tough to imagine. He would know better that to try it---which, I think reveals what's really behind the handling of women (an assertion---ever-so-benign, of course---of power).

Biden COULD fix this. It all depends on what he says. (And, of course, on him ceasing to lay hands on women who haven't issued an invitation.)

Biden needs to do something that may not be possible for him: he needs to stop thinking of women as fair flowers who will be grateful for his touch. He needs to start thinking of women as, you know, people.

A lot of voters would forgive his past if he could move past the mental rut he seems to be in now, in which he's clearly convinced that if he didn't intend to make anyone uncomfortable, then all is well, and everyone should stop talking about this. Biden doesn't yet understand that good intentions aren't the point, here.