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Originally Posted by DrDeth View Post
...But Joe is a friendly man of his times. He touches people. People generally are good with that. ...
Honestly, non-sexual touching isnt evil. Yes, it is no longer a thing we do. Some are uncomfortable with it. But in Bidens day it is what you did. It still is common around the USA, in areas- strangers hug, men and women shake hands. In political photos it is common to pose with your hands on a shoulder to show support.
A hand on a shoulder to show support during a political photo, or a handshake---these are not things Biden is being criticized for doing.

There's a generalized 'what is wrong with touching people if you're a warm, friendly person?' argument that is sort of floating around, and isn't being closely examined. (I don't mean to pick you out, DrDeth, because millions of people are making this same basic argument; your post happened to express it more clearly than many. So when I say 'you' in this post, I mean a generalized 'you'--all the people who hold the view that Biden is a warm and friendly guy and what he's done is being criticized unjustly.)

The argument seems to be that criticizing Biden for being a warm, friendly guy is just plain unfair. What is going on with these unreasonable women, criticizing a guy for being warm and friendly? What is going on with the Democratic party, tearing down one of their own for doing something that's perfectly okay and reasonable to do? ---That seems to be the general sense.

And that shows that those who are making the argument that there is something questionable about Biden's habits, need to work on communicating more clearly.

The argument that walking up to someone you barely know---yes, even someone from your own political party, at whose rally you are!---walking up and holding that person from behind and smelling her hair and kissing her hair, is a questionable action, might be better understood if we look at some other examples of when Biden does---or does not---perform such actions.

Biden, as is well known, is a Catholic. As Vice President he has had a number of audiences with both Pope Benedict and Pope Francis. Photos exist of some of these meetings. If you search "Biden" and "audience with Pope" or similar terms, you'll get quite a few photos.

Since Biden is a warm and friendly man, who presumably feels warm and friendly toward Popes, you'd expect that when he encounters a Pope, he will step right up with a warm and friendly hug, right? Maybe even a neck rub? Perhaps a kiss on the head?

............My guess is that everyone reading, picturing Biden meeting with a Pope, rejected the idea that Biden would have stepped up and hugged that Pope--much less given him a neck rub or a kiss on the head. Most people would feel pretty safe in assuming that Biden did NOT smell the hair of a Pope, or grab him from behind and pull him close.

............................Why is that?

If Biden is a warm, tactile guy, why wouldn't he have been tactile with a Pope?

If you can answer that, then you have the answer to the question 'why do some object to Biden doing things such as Flores and others have described'?

To spell it out: Biden hugs down.

Biden, when he grabs people and smells their hair and kisses their heads, is asserting dominance. He probably has no idea that he's asserting dominance--he'd probably be hurt and offended by the observation that that's what he's doing.

But if he doesn't behave the same way with everyone---if he refrains from hugging and smelling the hair of people who outrank him in the status hierarchy---then that's what he's doing. He's asserting dominance.

And that's what the recipients of his "hug down" maneuvers find uncomfortable.