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Originally Posted by SlackerInc View Post
Again, let's get real about what this cartoon is really metaphorically representing. A couple (or more) woke feminist types on Twitter, possibly young WOC, engage in some kind of snarky banter about how much straight white dudes suck. "God love the confidence of a mediocre white man", that type of thing. They don't intend this to be private. They want it to be liked, praised, retweeted to the heavens. What they don't want is for some middle-aged straight white dude to come along and politely object "Really? That's not very nice. What gives you the right to disparage or dismiss me that way without knowing me? Can you offer some actual tangible reason for doing so?"

Now they are BUS-TED. It's very awkward. But along comes this cartoonist to give them an out. Just say the straight white dude is "sealioning" and brush him off, problem solved. It's like the emperor's new clothes: as long as they can get enough of their woke comrades in the amen choir to insist that this all somehow makes sense, they are good to go. Who needs intellectual honesty when you have a bunch of yes-people in your woke bubble to provide you (and each other) constant affirmation and shout down the critics?
Rather than just pile on with the abuse, I'll agree that the kind of thing you're talking about in this and earlier posts does sometimes happen, it's a problem, and I think some people on the Left should raise the level of discourse.

But sealioning is a real tactic that is used to defocus debate, to distract and troll. Just as with anything, no doubt false accusations of sealioning can sometimes be used in the way you describe. That doesn't mean that sealioning isn't something real and shitty.

I'm also starting to come around to the view that the original cartoon is just confusing, it obfuscates rather than clarifies what the problem of sealioning really is.

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