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You guys get back to me when you have decided whether he is home invading or not and what that metaphorically represents online.

Originally Posted by iiandyiiii View Post
I think threads like this (a them in which he's repeatedly come back to) demonstrate his lack of interest in actual debate and exchange of ideas with those he disagrees with:

Also this:


These are not honest attempts to engage. These are disguised trolling threads.

Andy, you said upthread that the fact that I said I needed examples before I could get more specific than that gave you all the answer you need. But that is undermined by this subsequent post where you did give examples. Maybe you weren’t offering them for me, but I looked at them—and I would agree that they are trollish.

You know what else I noticed about them? I have never seen any of them before in my life. As I have said many times, I don’t lurk in threads I don’t post in. So check for yourself. I was not present to witness any of that.

I would be surprised, actually, if I have ever read any thread started by HD. I post my share of individual posts on this board, but not in all that many threads, especially if you don’t count movie and TV threads in Café Society. I just don’t spread myself around the board like a lot of posters do. And I don’t browse subject boards either. I use notifications to go back to the ones I’m already in, and occasionally over the past few months I find new ones like this one because they are publicized on the Giraffe boards. But even there it had nothing to do with HD, with whom I really am not that familiar. It was because the subject line talked about this stupid concept of sealioning, which is a personal pet peeve.

So I did in fact need examples to know what you were talking about with HD, and now I definitely do see what you mean. OK?

ETA: I have clearly been living a charmed life to miss all his nonsense, that’s for sure.

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