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Wow it's cool you know about Clyde beatty, but I would too give it a less chance of a lioness winning but it's not impossible, I have presented around 7 account's in that list of lioness's holding there own an killing female an even male tiger's, there's a few more I know of I can show you of minor incident's where a lioness tore up a few tiger's, but I too would more favor the tigress over a lioness, about 5.5/10 for the tigress...again it's not exculding the fact that there are record's of female lion's killing male tiger's.
An I wouldent want to emit Bia's ness but male lion's have just to many variable's an leverage's in the wild to have a tiger as a threat, even 1 on 1 it's still more of 8/10 for a male lion vs a male tiger. But I found maybe around 30 account's of tiger's killing lion's but 80% of those 30 consist of male tiger's killing female lion's an the male's of the 20% had no detail's on there status. But so far compared to data alone, if there's only around 30-40 account's of tiger's killing lion's an a ittle over a 100 of lion's killing tiger's as I shown above some occaision's the lion killed multiple tiger's so again, by data alone it can only be fair to place it as 8/10 time's a lion would win, the only way you'd be able to change that, is you'd have to match the 100 account's to bring it to 50/50.
But with out data, an just throwing thing's out there, I myself would like to think of it as fair game of 50/50 Prime male lion an Prime male tiger vs.
"Bring 'em Back Alive" Clyde Beatty was once very well known. He was a long time animal trainer and had many observations about big cat behavior. But almost all of that was with captive animals, as is the case with many of your cites. These cats would have likely been overweight which may be a big disadvantage to the longer bodied tiger. Keeping captive cats well fed was a safety measure. Clyde's appraisal of tigers was that they were quicker than lions, and better coordinated being able to use both front paws in an attack while lions would fight 'one handed'. But as I mentioned before, and noted in some of your cites, a lion is naturally more ferocious and dangerous, very territorial, and evolved for the purpose of attacking it's foes. Lions also have a protective mane, and are more compact and densely muscled. Although neither animal is extremely intelligent compared to the brainiacs of the animal world, they were apparently clever enough to escape often. I recall Clyde found tigers more clever and dangerous to humans. Tigers also are at a disadvantage because they are more ambush hunters than lions are, who have to chase down their prey more often. They have just evolved differently.