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Originally Posted by Fretful Porpentine View Post
Say what, now? If it wasn't him, what earthly explanation can he offer for saying yesterday that it WAS him? I was originally in the "having worn an outrageously offensive costume at a party 35 years ago isn't necessarily so damning that he should resign" camp, but the way he's handling this has been so bizarre and weasely that it seems to say a lot about his character today.
This is the issue I have with his response and he dodged the question several times. If he only dressed with shoe polish makeup one single time in the Michael Jackson dance contest, then why yesterday did he say it was him or did he think it could have possibly been him?

Why wouldn't after five minutes of thought say that no, it wasn't him?

However, I agree with you that even if it was him so long ago it isn't a reason to resign.

But, I have learned something today. It is offensive if a white person is dressing as a black person for Halloween or some other such informal party, to use dark makeup to get in character? Why is that? I'm not talking about a black minstrel face with the ruby red giant lipstick type of character. I understand that is offensive. But a white person now in 2019 simply cannot portray a black person at these informal gatherings?