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Originally Posted by DrDeth View Post
There is a huge difference between resigning a job for which you were elected by the will of the people- vs simply not getting a promotion to a better job.

If those revelations about Kavanaugh had come out after he had joined the Supreme Court, I would say "Too late!".
I'm not following this point. If the idea is that because of action X we don't want a person to be our Governor for the next four years, why is it not equally valid if you find out six months after election to say that because of action X we don't want him there for the next three and a half?

I don't think he should resign, but he is killing himself with this poor explanation and dodging the obvious question he was asked several times.

I think that something along the lines of "I have always abhorred racism, but I grew up in a rural area of the Tidewater area of Virginia. Some of my friends who were not as progressive as me on race would sometimes get drunk and dress up in KKK hoods and blackface as a joke. At the time, I did not realize that this "joke" was not funny at all and has real harmful implications for many people. That is one of the reasons that 25 year olds are too young to become governor. I think my record for the past thirty years, blah, blah, blah" I could accept.

Now, many others might not be able to accept it, but people can change and grow. But his explanation of why he said it was him, or why he believed that it could have possibly been him when he states with certainty that the only time it happened was the Michael Jackson thing just doesn't make sense. He was given several opportunities to answer that question but he reverted to his talking points.