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Originally Posted by Happy Lendervedder View Post
He's FOR getting everyone covered, he's not against universal coverage. But he also knows what messaging works better in the North/Midwest/blue collar states, especially with blue collar union voters who often think a mad rush toward "socialized medicine" threatens the very nice benefits they've negotiated.

My point is, he may not be signing on to one specific path to universal coverage, but that's not the only (or even necessarily the best) path to that goal. If he's a strong candidate to beat Trump in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, saying that he's dead to you because of one issue is a little ridiculous.
Well, of course that was hyperbole. I didn't mean I will never consider voting for him under any circumstances.

But I believe strongly that we have waited long enough for the healthcare we deserve in this country. And given that there are several strong candidates in the field who share that view, I'm not currently interested in supporting anyone who doesn't. Come this time next year, if polls are showing him more likely than his rivals to beat Trump, he will have my undivided attention.