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Originally Posted by RTFirefly View Post
I'd rephrase that as, "but he has to gain support within his own party first." He's generally polling down around 1%. Other than Emerson (and something weird's going on with their numbers, so I don't exactly trust them), nobody's had him above 2% in any poll.

That could change, of course, but until it does, how he might do as the nominee is academic.
I don't even know how serious he is about running. It doesn't seem like he really gave it much thought until just recently, and people don't know who the hell he is. If you're thinking of running in 2020, that's an important first step. I get the feeling he may have waited too long. And unfortunately, he's not someone who's going to shock the world because unlike Bernie Sanders, he doesn't really have radical ideas. He's a pragmatist and incrementalist, which I actually think is what we need, but tell that to the teeming masses of voters who want someone to shock the system and want to rage-vote.

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