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Originally Posted by SlackerInc View Post
It saved Bill Clinton in 1992, who cannily parlayed it into a "Comeback Kid" narrative.
As I said (bolding and italics added just now):
New Hampshire, of course, has been part of the winnowing process since time immemorial. Iowa first became part of the winnowing process in 1976, and with the exception of 1992, where all the Dem candidates skipped Iowa to let Tom Harkin have an uncontested win, it's been part of the winnowing process for both parties ever since.

And in all those cycles where Iowa and NH have both been part of the winnowing process, the nominees of each party have won either Iowa or New Hampshire.
I'm not in favor of eliminating the filibuster. Too dangerous. I was glad to hear Bernie Sanders expressing reluctance to do this on MSNBC last night.
Too dangerous, how?

How can it be more dangerous than a near-complete failure to meaningfully act to deal with global warming?? If we get rid of the filibuster, will we get hit by the giant meteor?