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In Spain, definitely not as much of a huge button issue as it is in the US. There are parties that you know lean more towards one side or another of the debate, there is continuous back and forth and tweaking of the laws, but it's not a Big Issue when compared with unemployment, educational issues, linguistic issues, the economy in general, the grey economy, immigration (legal, illegal, expats, retired expats, refugees…), etc.

But I think that's probably got a lot to do with several big differences in how politics are organized in both places:
* Spain doesn't elect anywhere near as many people as the US
* many of the positions which in the US are held by elected people, in Spain are held by civil servants (judges, school "district" officers except we don't have districts…)
* Most of your elections are "pick a person's name"; the immense majority of ours are "pick a list of people presented by a party" (Senators are the only ones selected individually). People get filtered before making it to the list, not after.

Add that while there are differences of opinion, it's the kind of thing where being extremely radical in either direction (the way a lot of American politicians are on this subject) is more likely to get anybody a lot of personal space than to get them pats on the back. The few people who are completely and absolutely against abortion tend to be men: any person possessing ovaries and half an imagination accepts that cases such as "ectopic pregnancy", "placenta with no baby" or "you have to choose between carrying the baby to term or getting cancer treatment" fall into either "doesn't count as an 'abortion' (since waiting until term would not produce a baby)" or "just thinking about it scares the shit out of me, I'm so grateful I never found myself in such a horrid situation". Conversely, "it's my body and I do with it whatever I want!!!!" is the kind of thing that doesn't come much in normal conversation, because normal conversation doesn't include people who use that many exclamation marks.

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