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I just remembered why i didn't like the zombie idea, because it requires the person to be identical except for experience.

But what I was picturing in my mind was that the operational attributes of the brain (e.g. modeling the environment, making decisions towards a goal, etc.) can be independent of the conscious experience, if the conscious experience is just a layer above that maybe only influences deciding on the goal (for example).
I dunno, I feel like my conscious influence on my actions is pretty strong. I don't feel like a passive passenger in my own head (though I suppose my subconscious could just be pretending to let me lead, like my mom does with my dad).

Originally Posted by RaftPeople View Post
Responding to your post:
There are examples where people seem to operate correctly in their environment but don't have awareness (e.g. sleep walking).
There's pretty good reason to think that the human brain has two actively running processes (at least) which occasionally compete for control. And apparently if you mess with the brain physically you can split it down the middle and get two different cognitions operating in the brain at once!

Brains be complicated, yo.