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Originally Posted by Velocity View Post
But I think those threads have completely legit purpose. Sometimes "freely discussing" means "hijacking from what the OP intended/wanted." An OP should be allowed to steer and control the discussion, within certain parameters. If someone is discussing female genital mutilation (an oft-debated human rights issue,) it is perfectly fair for them to say "I don't want any discussion of male circumcision; that's totally different and off-topic."
Even with a topic like female genital mutilation, i think there *does* exist a small but relevant window for male circumcision to be brought *carefully* and with surgical precision into the conversation. Maybe this possibility has forever been killed here at the Dope because of a few fuckheads who have axes to grind. If so thats a shame. But in an ideal, cerebral discussion of the matter, careful, timely and respectful introduction of some of the more salient points of male circumcision could help color the issue of FGM in a way that only helps further understanding. IMHO at least. Nothing even remotely similar to the shitshows we've seen here.

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