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Originally Posted by Ambivalid View Post
Even with a topic like female genital mutilation, i think there *does* exist a small but relevant window for male circumcision to be brought *carefully* and with surgical precision into the conversation. ...
Cute. And yes, what has to be be stopped is the divergence of the conversation into one that is only tangentially related and the subject of the thread. And the op's take on that while not of sole importance should be taken into serious consideration. They should not be considered as Jr Modding when they request that it stay on the subject and the mods should respect the request and enforce it unless it is unreasonable.

There clearly are some subjects that if they are to be discussed at all, and I hope many of them can be, need a high level of mod involvement and facilitation to keep discourse civil, to block out JAQing and trolling, and to keep actual discussion possible and tempers down. A whole forum to that level of moderation facilitation and patrol though? No.