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Originally Posted by RTFirefly View Post
Sater or Flynn Jr.

The indictment is supposedly sealed until Monday so that the indictees can be picked up on Monday.

My question is, why can't this guy/these guys be picked up over the weekend? What's the deal on that? Why must they wait until 'regular business hours'?
They needn't. They could execute their arrest at any time/date of their choosing. But according to my recent understanding, there are strategic reasons other than surprise to seal an indictment ahead of an arrest.

In some cases it can be a courtesy to the defendant, allowing them the dignity of putting their affairs in order and to avoid The Perp Walk. It might be because they are not yet ready to arrest, but they needed to indict based on statute of limitations concerns. It might also be to do exactly what it appears to be doing: Stress some of the potential targets into cooperating and/or showing their hand(s).