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Originally Posted by Atamasama View Post
I am the same. Iím a Seahawks fan and sometimes if a game is too stressful I just walk away. I often do the dishes so that I can somewhat hear whatís going on but Iím doing something productive rather than stressing out that the QB just got sacked and they have to punt yet AGAIN. And if it gets really bad I turn it off completely and do something else.

Maybe Iím a bad sports fan? Iím sure that both of us got stressed watching the NFC Championship game a few years back, when the Seahawks were getting blown out by the Packers in CenturyLink (Russell threw 5 interceptions if I remember right) then suddenly came back to win. It sucked for me watching the game the first half and probably sucked for you watching the second half. Even though winning that game was a miracle itís not an experience Iíd repeat.

Meanwhile, SB 48 when the Hawks demolished Denver 43-8 should have been a boring game. It was totally one-sided. But it was the best game I ever watched. There was no stress because the game was decided pretty early on and I just got to watch the favored team get stomped on.

Again, maybe Iím a bad fan. But I hate getting too stressed watching a game. And I agree, it really is just a game and has no true meaning in my life so itís not worth getting too worked up. At least thatís how I feel about it.
As a Cowboys fan I feel the same way about Super Bowl XXVII, the one where they beat the Bills 52-17. That was the best football game I've ever watched.

As far as sports being "just" a game, as others have mentioned if it was just a game, by definition it wouldn't have the huge billion dollar industries and media coverage surrounding it.