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I'm in team "who the heck has a yearbook for graduate school? Why would anyone look for one? And who on earth LOOKS at old yearbooks?"

There were probably a couple hundred copies printed, most of which are sitting dusty on the bottom shelf of someone's bookcase in the basement.

I guess what this incident tells us is that he was popular in medical school, because if he had enemies, one of them might have gone poking through the old yearbook to see if he could find any dirt on the governor.

As for what should happen now? At first, when it looked like he was going to apologize, I was thinking that might be enough. It was a long time ago. Virginia was pretty openly racist then. A good sincere apology along the lines of

"I was wrong to do that, I was wrong to put it in my yearbook, but I have since learned how harmful that sort of behavior is and I have put it behind me. Look at my record for the last 20 years and how progressive I've been on racial issues. That's what I want to do going forward."

And I would likely have been okay with him. But this mealy-mouthed "oops! that wasn't me"? No dice. You chose to put it in your yearbook. You are responsible for it.