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Originally Posted by Fretful Porpentine View Post
This is what I keep trying to wrap my head around, and coming to the conclusion that the only really plausible explanation is pretty damning for Northam: the photo is of him and he knew it, he initially calculated that he could weather this particular political storm by acknowledging it and apologizing, discovered from the reactions to his statement on Friday that people still overwhelmingly wanted him to resign, and hastily backtracked with a now-very-unbelievable denial.

I can imagine a less damning version of events (Northam hears on Friday that someone has dug up a photo of him in blackface, remembers dressing up as Michael Jackson and leaps to the conclusion that this is the photo in question, issues his statement without actually seeing the photo, and is then subsequently horrified to discover that it's a different, far more offensive, picture of which he has no memory) -- but it makes no sense that Northam would not directly SAY that this is what happened, or, indeed, that he would make any sort of statement without knowing exactly what the photo showed, since images of the yearbook page had already hit the Internet at that point.
I want so much to see him say its like the MY COUSIN VINNY bit where the guy figures hes been caught dead to rights for shoplifting and so is way too quick to confess just as soon as the cops start asking him anything, because clearly they mean this one thing and not wait, I shot the clerk?