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This is actually a plot point from The Prestige

The machine transports a copy to a nearby location, in this case a copy of the magician. When the copy is transported, both the magician and the copy exist at the same time (with the same experience, memory, knowledge). In the first test, the magician immediately shot and killed the copy.

When he designed the illusion, the machine transports a copy and the man on stage fell through the trap door, into the tank of water and drowned. Then the man appears away from the stage to delight of the crowd.

But the magician failed to realize that HE was the man going into the tank to be drowned. It was the copy that reappeared to delight the crowd. THAT copy would be drowned in the following performance.

The question is, are you the magician or the copy.

If your consciousness is downloaded elsewhere, something may live believing it is you. But you will not be there.
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