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I very much doubt that what we think of as ourselves is only made up of our conscious minds. Seems to me that a great deal of thinking, remembering, etc. is being done by other portions of our minds entirely; and then interpreted by the conscious mind, which may (or may not) then claim the conclusion it came to was made by the conscious mind's processes only.

And the mind as a whole is also influenced by the rest of the body -- hormonal shifts, exhaustion, hunger, satiation, pain, exercise, physical joy, etc. all affect it.

So I think that what would be downloaded would only be a part of me; and would probably rapidly diverge even from that part of me as it is now, because it wouldn't have the inputs coming from the rest of me.

And the me that's the body (including the brain) would die when the body died. So no, sticking a bit of me in a computer wouldn't give me immortality. Even if you could get all of me copied somehow, that still wouldn't be immortality: this me would still die. (Would you be willing to have yourself copied, while in decent health, if someone were waiting to shoot you the minute the copy was finished?) Whether there'd be some other sense in doing one or both of those things I don't know. I also don't know how my conscious mind would take to being stuck in a box, even a moving one; but I find the idea uncomfortable enough that I'd hesitate to do that to a copy, or a partial copy.