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Denver Police seize tablet, delete video of brutal arrest. But it had backed up to “the cloud”.

THE Denver cops punched a man in the face and bounced his head off the pavement. They tripped his pregnant wife — and then saw they were being filmed. What happened next has the “land of the free” in uproar.
A police officer stormed up to the witness, who was white, snatching his device from his hands and threatens him with arrest.
Later the cops threatened him with arrest if he didn't let them erase the recording.

The police version of the story is this:
A pair of plain-clothed police officers spotted a suspected drug dealer stick a white sock in his mouth when he noticed them approaching.

The officers then “assisted” the suspect — David Flores — out of his car before they “fell to the ground”. Two further officers, this time uniformed, arrived as backup.
The four officers then say they punched Flores up to six times in the face “in order to keep him from choking”. He was taken to hospital for his injuries.