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Originally Posted by iiandyiiii View Post
More on consent when it comes to public video or photographs - in my view, if someone goes to a public, photographed or taped event, they are implicitly providing permission for these recordings to be taken and used as a record that the event took place, who was present, and the official proceedings. They are not providing implicit consent for strangers to slobber and obsess over the precise details of how their bodies were touched or handled, or anything else about their bodies, any more than they are providing consent for these images to be used in pornography.
Well, yes, they are. If I'm weird enough that I want to masturbate to a video of Joe Biden giving a campaign speech, I get to do that. Or for that matter, if I see a woman during a pan of the audience who I think is hot, I can freeze the video and masturbate to her image. (Not something I'm likely to do, jftr.) Or do I have to find out who she is, contact her, and obtain her consent first?
And I elect not to approach that line at all, especially when there are actual women who have spoken up about their experiences, thus nullifying any possible need to refer to these videos at all.
And others are saying, "no, that's not what really happened." And without videos or photos, how do we know?

So here we have those videos and photos. We should use them.