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All players go on waivers for 2 days and are won by FAAB bids.

I think I explained our trade balancing procedures last year to the new players, but draft trades have to balance out in terms of both players ending the draft with 25 players total.

So, for example, if you're trading Gurley for nothing in 2019. So it ends up being that Dale will finish the draft with 24 players, and Overly will finish the draft with 26 (if he uses all his current draft slots). Obviously that doesn't make sense, so there's an easy solution. Overly can't use his last round draft slot anyway (because he's now using it to keep Gurley), so we send his last pick over to Dale, who now has 25 spots. And everyone has 25 draft slots and is in balance again.

Similarly, next year he's sending you two draft picks, and in return for that, you'd have to send him your last 2 draft picks. It may seem like you're losing something, or throwing in something "extra", but you're not - you wouldn't use those draft picks. Because let's say you have picks in rounds 1-5, but then you get Overly's picks in rounds 1 and 3. Now you have picks in rounds 1 1 2 3 3 4 5 but you only have 5 player slots to fill (your roster is at 20 and needs to be 25) - in that case you can only draft players with 1 1 2 3 3 and you can't use 4 and 5. So those end up going to Overly to balance it out.

Hope I explained that correctly. It makes sense.

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