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I think the work around is a little more complicated than it seems because, in the NFL, players don't always go on I.R. right away. And since you can't go on Yahoo's I.R. unless they are on the NFL I.R., the timing gets wonky and ripe for uncertainty or abuse. If someone is hurt and on PUP, does that count as IR? If you draft someone on IR (or on PUP), where does the "extra" pick come from? At the end of the draft? Because we already got rid of the supplemental draft for exactly this reason. Does Andrew Luck count as being on IR? What if someone gets hurt but doesn't go on I.R. right away, can you "gamble" on them being added and say you want to call dibs on them going to your I.R. slot, free up a draft pick... and then what? What if they got better?

It's just not a good system, in my eyes.