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Originally Posted by SenorBeef View Post
So, hmm, do we want to return the scoring to default and get rid of the penalties, or keep the penalties and just reduce a missed PAT to -1 instead of -2 because of the change in PAT distance?
I prefer keeping the penalties except removing the PAT miss penalty altogether. My logic is that for a FG at the PAT distance, if you miss one and make one, you net a total of +1 point. (+3 for making one, -2 for missing one.) If you make one miss one on a PAT: +1 for making one, 0 for missing one, for the same +1 total.

Thus, my argument to remove the PAT miss penalty altogether, which I've been championing since last year's thread. I think I had a bunch of people agree with that at the top of this thread. So far I see only two people agreeing to it being -1 for missing a PAT.

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