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Originally Posted by Snowboarder Bo View Post
We don't even need their oil, seeing as how America is now a the largest producer of crude oil on the planet.

Not our business. Not our fight. The US should stay the fuck out.
The fact the USA produces a lot of oil doesn't mean chaos in the Persian Gulf cannot affect the USA. Oil is fungible. If all the oil in the Middle East is blocked off by war, the price of oil will skyrocket. It doesn't matter where it's produced. the loss of Saudi oil would make American oil more valuable.

This doesn't mean the USA should be involved in Saudi Arabia's cruel little war; even if it threatens the world oil supply a little there are good reasons to stay out of it, not the least of which is that it's horrifying to see the President of the United States on his knees before the dictator of a gross little kleptocracy that isn't even a real country. I'm just making an economic point.
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