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Originally Posted by galen ubal View Post
And saying "just Pit those who you disagree with" doesn't work with many of our Usual Suspects, as they refuse to engage there - thus escaping the only sanction the board members can exact against them
I just don't agree with this concept. You shouldn't have the expectation of sanctioning anyone. That's the administration's job, not yours.

Someone acting like a dipshit? Go to the Pit and call them out as a dipshit. Vent, rant, garner sympathy( or not ). That's what the Pit is for. But no one owes you or should owe you their participation in their own roasting. I would frankly suggest that participating in a thread where you are being pitted is probably counter-productive much of the time and I'd generally recommend people not bother.

In fact I think I've made that exact suggestion in the past to people having sociability issues here on the board. Whining that no one loves you? Well, step number one is to stop digging a deeper hole in whatever Pit thread you're wallowing in. Sit silent, take your most likely deserved lumps and move on. That would be pretty shitty advice if there was a cultural expectation that you had to respond to your pittings . IMHO such an expectation didn't used to exist here and it shouldn't now.

Frustrated the target of your ire won't come by and get called shitty to their face? Tough luck. Vent and move on.

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