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Originally Posted by Whack-a-Mole View Post
Looks at the videos. Do you really think Biden asked first? I do not know if Russell's Teapot is really there or not but I feel comfortable in saying it is not there.
Once again, consent for physical affection is not always verbal. Further, friends and family often hug and are affectionate with implied consent, and we don't know if these are close friends or family of Biden (as Stephanie Carter has said she is).

And as for the images thing I really do not know what you are after. They were all in a very public situation with loads of cameras pointed at them. Seems to me the consent is implicit. If they did not want to be photographed/recorded they need to not walk on the stage where cameras are pointed. Not like it is not obvious to anyone there.
I've made it very clear what I'm after -- stop advocating the violation of the consent of these women and girls, when you have no idea if they've consented to you using their images in this specific way. Yes, they consented to having their photo or video taken, but that is not consent for that photo or video to be utilized in any and every possible way. Presumably you can think of some gross ways that you would agree with me that it would be inappropriate to utilize these images and videos for without their consent; this is another one -- still gross (because it's implying that you know how these women and girls felt and whether they consented or not), just gross in a different way. Stop being gross about these women and girls -- assuming consent in strangers is gross; so is assuming lack of consent. They can speak for themselves if they so choose.

Why not just use Flores' words to criticize Biden? That's certainly reasonable, and it doesn't violate anyone's consent. Reasonable, appropriate, and not gross in any way.

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