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Originally Posted by DSeid View Post
Intent does matter as well and this is one point where iiandyiiii and I disagree - friendly touch that turns out to be unwanted is not per se "entitlement." That word implies the intent is to get something selfishly and the intent with friendly touch is often meant to be giving something (comfort, support, whatever) not taking. Yes human communication is complicated and there are misunderstandings. With spoken communication and with nonverbal communication. Some people find being addressed by their first name to be nice, others find it presumptuous without explicit consent. Giving something that you thought would be received well that turns out to be something not wanted, is not being entitled; it is being mistaken.
I'm not sure if we actually disagree here -- I'm saying that this feeling of entitlement can lead to someone being more likely to be mistaken in the manner you describe. In my personal experience, some people have this feeling of entitlement that their touch is always or usually welcome, and such folks are "mistaken" a lot more often than others without that sense of entitlement. Which isn't the end of the world, but reasonably worth criticizing.