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Originally Posted by alphaboi867 View Post
According to Wikipedia Dalton Trumbo was "inspired" by hearing about a Canadian WWI veteran who lost all his limbs and was struck blind, deaf, dumb. Is there any truth to that?
Associated Press story from December 1936, about the abdication of King Edward, that may have served as the inspiration for Trumbo (although it does not specifically say the soldier was dismembered):
…The poignant story told from the pulpit of every church in England a few years ago:

Visiting a war veterans' hospital in Canada, [Prince] Edward suspected he had not been shown all the patients. He had heard of a "ward of the living dead." The hospital officials protested. It was too horrible. Edward insisted.

And presently he stood at the beside of a human atrocity, a relic of the war — maimed and disfigured beyond recognition, eyeless, mute and deaf.

Edward turned pale. But he did not flinch.

He leaned over, and gently he kissed the blind, hideous face.