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Originally Posted by DSeid View Post
Again I suspect his touchy style ... rubs some the wrong way. And connects him well with others. Its a particular style of politicking that is likely used more selectively than he has used it. But the intent is clearly not to offend or to intrude. Id bet a solid majority of the time it serves to connect. But even a small minority is significant.
I honestly do not think Biden is a perv. I think his hands-on, touchy thing is "innocent" inasmuch as, I think, he is just trying to be amiable.

But he doesn't do it to men and I think this is at the base of #MeToo. Men just do things to women that are sexist. They don't see it that way but they treat the "little ladies" differently. Biden is an old guy. He is of a different era. In the 1950's this would be charming behavior. In 2020 not so much.
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