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So, OK... what's your point?
I just stated my was why is it 90% of the site's out there have flase an random data? Is it Properganda, or is it just bad studying, I cant pin-point it but why wasnt any data presented for the lion's side?
Wouldent you think that is un-fair if I showed you a Boxing man's record of like 10-0 representing the tiger an the lion's record 0-10...wont you think the average person would have just sided with the tiger just because of what you presented? Uh Huh! I would think so, but why no attempt to even keep the playing field fair? Again I only sense a purpose of intice-ing, not by educational purposes of what's factual.
Do you want an example of what I'm talking about? Gladly...
Now wiki stated in the catagorie Expert's 3 source's,
#1 John Varty- who said...
Iíve seen tigers crunch up a full-grown leopard tortoise like it was nothing. And lions try, but they just donít get it right. If thereís a fight, the tiger will win, every time."
Now, did you know that John varty had 4 genration's of his family owning a game reserve in africa that took tourist around an shot lion's? I would think that's a hell of a thing to mention before you can assest who'd he favored, an secoundly here's lion's doing somthing he say's they cant...
You see^^^ Some expert John varty is... an goes along with the other's they alibied as in Big cat rescue, they said the team of big cat rescue, but it was only answered by 1 worker not the whole team which is way more than 300 people, an they all dident agree with that conclusion only the person who answered it, an still that person gave no specfic detail in what was the advantage. Same goes with china's source of rewilding tiger's only one person said the same thing.
Now, look at how poor there credability is, they have been debunked easly showing they are not creditable to answer such a question, when why did they only mention expert's for the tiger's side? When in reality there is way way more for the lion's side, you wanna see some? Gladly...
{Expertís, Trainerís, Scientist, Ownerís, Zoologistís Opinionís on Lion vs tigerís}
1.Tiger an lion Expert Dave hoover, said lions are the better fighterís.
2.Indian Zooligist Jam sahib exploitís bias cat enthusiasist ďKarish singeĒ an witnesses 4 ocasianís lionís beat tigerís an giveís his opinon on lionís.
3. Animal Trainer of over 40 yearís in the bisness and Expert Louis Roth, favors the lion over the tiger in a fight. In his book
4. Animal Expert Alfred court, thinks the lion wins over the tiger in a fight heís the same person who had a lion kill a polar bear in his act [Book]
5.Animal Trainer John Helliot, favors the lion over the tiger in a fight heís the guy on the right hand side of clyde beatty who also had a lion kill a polar bear article.
6.Animal Expert Dave Salmoni, says heíd give the edge to a lion in a
fight with a tiger.
7.Animal Tamer an trainer of 40 yearís training Hyenaís, Leopardís, Jaguarís, Wolveís, Tigerís, Cheetahís, Bearís, Pumaís, Lionís, an more the God father animal expert Mr. Clyde Beatty, said lions will win 9/10 against tigers in a fight.
8.Animal enthusiast and poet Oliver Goldsmith, ranked the lion over the tiger.
9.Animal Expert an Tamer Courtney cooper, said lions usually win more
in tiger fights. In her book she stateís
LIONS"N"TIGERS"N"EVERYTHING 1924 By Courtney Riley Cooper.
Page 32, I like the tiger cat more than I like the lion cat.
This^^^ Show s he is not biaísÖ
Page 68, lions are "King Of Beasts"
Page 70, lion kills a tiger in a very brutal fight.
Page 78, Cooper says lion is "King Of Beasts" and a good father.
Pages 84-85, FEMALE tiger kills heavier MALE tiger defending her cubs.
10.Poet an painter an animal enthusiast Geroge Buffon, picked lions over tigers in a fight.
11. Big cat trainer Jim Chipperfeild supportís the lion in a fight with a tiger.
{Lion vs tiger Book}
12.Big cat trainer Edward. jewitt wheeler, sayís the lion is superior to the tiger. {Lion vs tiger Book}
13.Big cat tamer, Isac kaufman funk, agree;s lions are superior to tigerís.
{Lion vs tiger Book}
14.Lion an tiger trainer, Willam seaver woodís, sayís a lion would beat a tiger.
{Lion vs tiger Book}
15.Tiger an lion tamer Arther stimson Draper, says lionís uaslly win against tigerís.
{Lion vs tiger Book}
16.Brother of Isac kaufman funk, wilfred john funk agreeís lions are superior.
{Lion vs tiger Book}
17.---{1991}---Marco peterís lion and tiger owner and trainer sayís tigers are afraid of male lionís.
18.Big cat expert Alex Kerr goes with a lion in a fight with a tiger.
19.Indian zooligist Kalish shankala sayís lionís beat tigerís due to maneís an being superior fighterís.
20. Sir Frank . owner of bowstock sayís lionís are more dangerous than tigerís.
21. Lee Yong Phil zoo keeper, sayís male lionís usually dominateís tigerís.
22. Although lions and tigers are anatomically virtually the same, male lions regularly fight to attain and maintain pride femalesÖ"I suspect that male lions on average would be more aggressive and persistent than male tigers, hence would prevail."
~Frank C. Mendel, professor of pathology and anatomical sciences at UB
23. Chapter 4 Sajamu, religous danceís rein acting of lionís that killed an ate tigerís of one of the first importationís of lionís hundredís an hundredís of yearís ago in Singapore.
24. Circus performer an big cat owner Geroge conklin sayís in his book the male lion has the advantages over other catís: The lion also is protected around the neck by the heavy mane, which is an advantage.
25. Beatty cole stateís that lionís do kill tigerís
26.Caroll soo holl apperntly knowís lionís are capable of killing male siberian tigerís even if the lion is old an the tiger is in his primeÖ
27. Burt Nelson owner an trainer of big catís, sayís lions usually whips the tigerís
28. Entire team of Tiger territory a site that has 200 pageís of studying information dedicated to the tiger, has a conlusion that lionís are superior to tigerís in fightingÖ
29.1842 animal newís article having a trainer of all animalísÖsaying lionís were the most dominate animal and feared more above tigerís.
30. The mengerineÖLions will not stay in the same cage with tigers. We tried this once, putting a lioness in with a Bengal tiger. There was a fierce fight and the lioness nearly killed the Bengal."Chapter V11
31. Caviar and Cabbage [Book] Melvin B. Tolson .
Tolson was the professor, poet and writer portrayed by Denzel Washington in
The Great Debaters , which is based on a true story from 1935 America. Saying the title King doesent belong to the tiger, it belongís to the lion for unity.
32. Sir Samuel w. baker has carefully compared the strength and other qualitieís of the lion an tiger an he decideís in favor of the lion.
33. THE CATS OF SHAMBALA 1985 By Tippi Hedren and Theodore Taylor Page 176, tigers are the original scaredy-cat. Although most ferocious under certain conditions, adults are scared silly over numerous odd things. Thunder and Lightning which a lion takes in stride, panics a tiger. Silver reflectors scare tigers, if you want to take over a room full of tigers walk in wearing a silver suit. In the movie ROAR a big siberian tiger name ivan backs down from a tiny lion cub. Tippi Hedren is a former actress that has lions and tigers and other animals on her compound in Acton, Ca.
34. Animal Planet team of zoologist enthusiast and scientist, concluded the lion would win in a fight with a tigerÖ
35. Interesting read on Dr.Sc Giuliano Russini view on Lions and Tigers.

...African lion presents phenomena of aggressiveness which, contrary to what is thought render it more dangerous in the wild than the tiger and more difficult to manage in captivity, as observed by the zoological biologists.... This caused by overheating corporeal overheating phenomena, is in fact a handicap in case of prolonged fights, drawback not found in the lion who, as they say, ďwill struggle up to the deathĒ.Same can be said for the fighting techniques, which all stand in favour of the Panthera leo ,accustomed, as it is, to face in the savannah a great variety of preys and competitors, in comparison with the solitary tiger....
36. Circuss owner an big cat owner Geroge conklin sayís lionís are stronger in termís of pure power.
37. Randy miller favorís a lion against a tiger in a fight.
38. Craig busch favorís a lion over a tiger in a fight.
39.Lionís have harder strikeís, shown in this clip hitting a bigger and hevier tiger the mane dosent weigh that much, itís just very thick an dense hair an by the size of the tiger, his mass lookís even the same size of the lionís mane, concluding the tiger is hevier an the lion still outpowerís him by bashing him with the usual haymakerís lionís throw, in the same instance the tiger threw first, yet the lionís more powerful strikeís goes right threw the tigerís attempt for a double strike which they usually use to grab , but the lion strikeís with such percsion an power he bashes the tiger so hard, he completely fliped the tiger on his back a meter awayÖ
40. Lionís are stronger in the front limbís there bigger, taller, broader and stronger shoulderís aidís them in being better fighterís an out wrestleís tigerísÖ
41. Pound for pound lionís are way stronger than tigerís, this lion lookís bigger but itís only because of the mane, both lion and tiger are about the same size, yet he still hitís harder, also chasing off the competition as they usually do, due to dominant traitís of the male lionÖalso proving a lot of expertís correct as tigerís only throw wildly not accurately, in this fight the tiger misses 6 timeís an mostly all other fightís tigerís alwaysís miss more than 50% fighting a lion, hereÖ
42. people like to use this video as the tiger is winning? It only proveís what 80% of animal trainers an expertís sayÖwhich is tigerís are explosive fighterís an tire themselveís out quickly aiding there poor stamina, but how many timeís did the tiger land any thing at all? Letís count them 1st lunge, barly nips the maneÖwhich lungeís cost energyÖ2nd lunge, misses which cost energyÖ3rd lunge missesÖwhich costís energy, By doing so the lion is only using superior fighting tacticís of dodging because they hardly clinch as tigerís do, This video proveís the other video^^^ that tigerís have very poor accurate swipeís more of just swinging wind millís along with the end every swipe is absorbed by the mane as the tiger must reap what hitís his head areaÖ
43. 80% of swipe or bite is protected by the mane, as you can see the mane protectís biteís that can usually add up on a tiger, yet it has no effect on the lion in terms the lion can completely focus what he is doing which is draging around and mauling the tiger, which in the big cat fight world, every bite countísÖ
44. Even when the tiger is bigger lionís have stronger front limbís shown here a smaller lioness out fighting and out powering a bigger tigerÖ
45.Zoologist graph of the usual outcome
46.---{1959}--- A tiger never fightís fair, but in a fair fight a lion can whip any animalÖ
Source: Milwaukee Journal november 12, 1959
47. But to get back to the lions and tigers, apparently it is a very hard thing to put lions and tigers together. I read that scientists say that lions have the strongest forelegs of the big cats, and they have a knack to being more ferocious. Even though tigers are heavier and longer, it's ferocity that determines a winner. Lions have all the equipment of a fighter with huge forelegs, the mane, and the stocky body. Because of the mane the male lion is a poor predator. He however has a fierce desire to defend his territory. They have been known to kill or drive off rhinos. The tiger is nervous around a male lion and cat trainers have said that this has caused problems in zoos and circuses.
The same trainers have mostly said that the male lion appears to have no fear of the tiger even in a large group of tigers. The big cat trainer Clyde Beatty lost 12 tigers to lions and didn't lose a single lion. He once had a tiger and lion fighting in a live performance and tried to stop it he couldn't and the lion went on to maul the tiger to death in front of all these people. He also had a lion he called Sultan the First and he beat ever male tiger he ever faced.
48. the sixth extinction a tiger will avoid a lionÖ
49. The Asiatic journal and monthly miscellany ...
the lion is so powerful an animal as the tiger, but he fights much better. A tiger will
make his attack, and then retire ; but a lion never retreats ; he fights until- he is
50.lion dominateís an chases tiger around the arena in Rome
Blackwood's Edinburgh magazine, Volume 27
51. Tigerís avoid lionís in combat
Army and Navy chronicle, Volume 6
52.Tigers avoids lions
The Quiver
Again, just wondering why people cant keep the playing feild fair.