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I'm unclear about your goal here. You have done a gazillion times more work re this somewhat offbeat topic than anyone I have ever heard of.... ever. You have assembled what appears to be the majority of data in the universe about his topic.

I think it's time for you to publish.
lol I dont know if I should take that as an insult of a complement, lol, but Thank's ^_^
If you ask me it's not that much, I would call this a little above average of what you should know if you were to debate on this off-beat topic...but I wouldeve been able to in-triplicated my data quanity if I had a better computer, for my PC broke down a few month's ago an this one I'm useing is not compatiable wirth the search ingine's I wanted to use, like old new's paper archive site's or book site's an Pdf file's that contain cultural recording's of these 2 beautiful an fericious beat.
But as I said before, my only intention's was for if one was to, as you say... publish it on wiki, an or the other site's I pointed out, I would like for them to show both side's of the same coin, to better pass a fair an un-bia's judgement assesment. To me it's not important who won more, for I love both, but I would like to know that thing's are kept fair an factual.
I mean the littlest thing's can aid the other, who lion's an tiger's are basically the same cat, just differently attributed to there own habbitat's, almost so akin it's like a German an a Russuian, or a Chinese an a Japanese, or a african and a Jamaican...lion's an tiger's are almost anatomically the same cat, but the lion has something no other cat specie's has, a Battle mane. Which seperate's an put's him in a different repatwa of a's some Iron clad source's of the
[Power of the lion’s Mane]
Source 1.
Now both males attack, one grappling with her head as the other bites her stomach. She twists away in pain from the stomach bite.
Note the protection offered by the mane on the lion on the left as the female's claws and blows are cushioned by the thick matted fur.
Source 2.
Indeed there are good scientific data that male lions with long manes are more likely to survive and have fewer injuries.
The Fetal Matrix: Evolution, Development and Disease
By Peter D. Gluckman, Mark Hanson

Source 3.
This tiger was captured in India and went against a lion after being in captivity for only few days. Don't tell me that these few days changed the tiger's behavior in which it could not deliver a fatal neck bite.
It was the Tiger's fight and he knew it. He sprang at the staggering Lion, took a fearful chop on the nose without flinching and set his teeth into the African's hairy throat. They wrestled desperately, and the Lion's heavy mane saved him from suffocation. Great mouthfuls of long coarse hair catching in the Tiger's teeth not only preventing him from getting a death grip, but so interfered with his with his respiration that he had to release the hold, where upon the Lion swatted him with a tremendous uppercut and sent him tumbling twenty feet away.

Source 4.
The lion's mane, not possessed by the female, is evidently such a weapon of defense; it is a excellent means of protection against the bites which the male lions try to inflict on each other's necks when fighting for the females; consequently those males with the strongest manes have the greatest advantage in the sexual struggle.

The History of Creation, Or, The Development of the Earth and Its Inhabitants by the Action of naterual causes.
By L. Dora Schmitz, Sir E Ray Lankester
Source 5.
“Down sprang Caesar, determined to seize the offensive, but before he could do so, Bobby had battled his way through Caesar's paws, grabbed his mane so stubbornly that he couldn't move. For the next couple of minutes each struggled and strained for an advantage, but Bobby's hold was so tenacious that they only succeeded in twisting a little. With the cameras continuing to grind and getting nothing but a little harmless tug of war… Energy spent, the exhausted Bobby tried to roll away from Caesar, but Caesar's hold now was as firm as Bobby's which had been on his mane. Seeing this turn in affairs, I dashed into the cage. Already Caesar's jaws had crunched Bobby's neck and when I got there Caesar was shaking Bobby's limp, bloody head and throat from side to side. Bobby's eyes were turning starey. He was dead and it was only two minutes since I was keenly sorry that I had done it, but in thinking it over I became convinced that my part had been negligible. The lion is frequently the superior; he doubtless would have been the winner in this case no matter what I had done.”
Source 6.
If so, it is conceivable that a single male lion attacked by a pack of hyenas could reduce injury with the help of its mane. Manes protect males in interaspecific in other species. It may additionally confer advantages by limiting wounding in the neck region.
~Antipredator Defenses in Birds and Mammals
By Timothy M. Caro

Source 7.
The lion's mane, not possessed by the female, is evidently such a weapon of defense; it is a excellent means of protection against the bites which the male lions try to inflict on each other's necks when fighting for the females; consequently those males with the strongest manes have the greatest advantedge for the sexual struggle.
The History of Creation, Or, The Development of the Earth and Its Inhabitants by the Action of naterual causes.
By L. Dora Schmitz, Sir E Ray Lankester

Source 8.
The mane is also a means of protection to the face and neck during fights between male lions.

Source 9.
It causes him to look bigger without increasing his weight or need for food. It also protects him from bites and scratches should he have to fight another male.

Source 10.
The mane protects the lion from bites to the throat or the neck.

Source 11.
The mane protects the lion during fights with other males.
Source 12.
The lion’s thick mane protects his neck against raking claws during fights with other males for membership in the pride.
Source 14.
(e.g lion's mane protects him from teeth and claws in a fight).
Source 15.
Male lions are the only cats with manes. This collar of long, thick hair covers the head, except the face, and the neck down to the shoulders and chest. The mane makes the male look even bigger and stronger than he is. It also protects him during fights. The long, thick hair softens the blows of his foes.
Schaller, George B. "Lion." World Book Encyclopedia. 2002 ed. The best naturalist of the 20th century said that.
Source 16.
On the open savannah, a lion's mane advertises his maleness from a great distance. To enhance his mane, a lion will do the "lion strut": tip-toeing on front legs, erect body and tail. The mane also protects against claws and teeth in male combat.

Source 17.
A male lion's mane is designed to protect the animal from attacks from other lions. It apparently also works with hand grenades as well. Marjan's neck and chest were spared serious injury, but his face was badly mutilated by the blast.

Source 18.
The most distinctive feature of the male lion is its mane, a collar of long, thick fur. An adolescent male's mane will begin to grow at 18 months, after which it will continue to grow and darken. A visual indicator of gender and power, the mane also serves to protect the lion's neck from other lions.
Source 19.
The mane helps protect the lion’s neck during fighting and make him appear larger to competitors
Source 20.
Their mane serves a number of purposes: a) it identifies him as a mature male to other lions, even at a distance b) it gives an appearance of increased size with little weight cost c) the condition of the mane conveys the level of health and vigour to female lions d) it can help protect the head and neck area in fights with other lions.
Source 21.
Samantha Stephens, says the lions mane might not make a big difference, but it might be that crucial amount of difference.
Source 22.
“When one animal attacks another, he seems to know by instinct. He strikes for the neck for a quick kill. Nature seems to have provided the lion with a defensive covering -- a mane to protect the neck area.”
~The Lion in Fact and in Fiction
Source 23.
“The mane is strictly a male attribute and gives lion’s their majestic aura… It acts almost like a fencing mask, absorbing paw swipes aimed at the head and necks during fights between rivals. When mane’s grow to big for both rival’s, the fight can last up to hour’s due to the mane protecting the main arterie’s, little to nothing can be done to male’s who have mane’s that grown larger than others for it’s main reason is for combat .”
~The Art of Being a Lion
Source 24.
The mane plays an important role in the lion’s life. While a long mane that blows easily in the wind may be difficult to hide when hunting an alert zebra, it is a distinct advantage in defense… That same mane gives his neck a good bit of protection in case the intruder does not turn away and chooses to challenge the resident lion for his position.
~The Last Big Cats An Untamed Spirit
Source 25.
Male lions are larger than females and possess a voluminous mane which contrast with the sleek pelage on other parts of the body… The distinctive colors and sizes of manes may also help animals to identify individuals. An important secondary function of the mane is one of protection during fights. The dense mat of hair absorbs blows and harmlessly tangles claws in a part of the body towards which most social contact is directed; bites too, may leave an opponent with a mouth full of hair rather than skin.
~The Serengeti Lion A Study of Predator-Prey Relations Wildlife Behavior and Ecology series.
Source 26.
There is no direct evidence, but if we examine the probabilities in the case of a confrontation between the two some inferences can be drawn. In a fight would de unable to get close to the vital joint of a lion’s neck because of his thick mane, but the tiger is vulnerable to the lion. The film showed that the tiger was at an immediate disadvantage. Tigers use a throat grip as their primary means of killing and the lion's thick protective mane prevented the tiger gaining a hold on the throat joint. On the other hand, the tiger had no special protection, so was vulnerable to attack. In this fight, the tiger was killed. In any inter-species confrontation lions would also have the advantage of the who pride. But in my opinion a tiger is no match even for a single lion of equal strength. In any inter-species confrontation lions would also have the advantage of support from members of the whole pride. But in my opinion a tiger is no match even for a single lion of equal strength.
Tiger! The Story of the Indian Tiger, by Kailash Sankhala.
Source 27.
I believe I’m fully qualified to state, as I’ve had them both on me. I bear the teeth marks of a lion that shut his jaws tight on my legs. But it isn’t the teeth of the big cats trainers fear so much. It is the claws, being hooked, tear out the flesh and sinew as they are withdrawn. When a lion goes at a trainer he starts right towards him, with no subterfuge, mouth open and tail as stiff as a poker. A tiger cringes and crawls until he makes his spring. In a fair fight it would be hard to guess which animal would come off victor, and much would depend, I think on the one that got the first good hold. The lion also is protected around the neck by the heavy mane, which is a huge advantage.
~George Conklln, “Adventures With a Circus”
Source 28.
- Source 29.
Lion’s mane save’s him from tiger’s throat attempt, an also aidded the tiger to release due to breaking his breathing pattern.
- Source 30.
Craig packer reinstate’s an admit’s lion’s mane’s are for protecting…
- 31.The lion also is protected around the neck by the heavy mane, which is an advantage. There is one instance I remember where a full grown lion and tiger engaged in combat, by unforeseen chance of course. It was when the John O’ Brien Show had its winter quarters in Philadelphia and I was connected with it. “A lion and a tiger were in a compartment cage, with a partition between. In some manner this partition was battered down in the night and the two big felloes got together. They had probably been issuing challenges to each other and promising what they would do to one another if the chance came. When morning arrived we found the two in the lion’s cage, the tiger dead and the lion all chew and clawed to pieces, but still full of fight.”
~George Conklln, “Adventures With a Circus”
32. 80% of swipe or bite is protected by the mane, as you can see the mane protect’s bite’s that can usually add up on a tiger, yet it has no effect on the lion in terms the lion can completely focus what he is doing which is draging around and mauling the tiger, which in the big cat fight world, every bite count’s…
33. lion’s mane protect’s male lion’s in combat
34. lion’s mane protected the lunge and bite while he was able to cause damage imediately with his first attempt, proving the lion’s mane will offer protection…
35. Canines— long, fanglike teeth that help kill prey. Den— a safe ... Mane— a
bunch of long, thick hair that grows around a lion's neck and head. The mane
helps protect the lion in fights
36. No intruding lion is in any doubt that a lion territory is occupied. Maintaining
territories involves a considerable amount of work, because they can be quite
large. ln good lion habitat, such ... A lion's mane helps to protect his neck during
37. The male lion is the only cat that has a mane. M% Scientists think that JL\# a thick
mane might protect a lion in a fight or show a lioness how healthy and strong the
male is.
38. Which is the king of beasts? - Oct 1939
Not so with the lion who fights like a dog with only his front paws and teeth. He
carries the fight to his opponent, centering the attack on the tiger's throat while his
heavy mane protects his own throat. And with his extra weight in the forequarters, ...
39. Big Cats: And Other Animals : Their Beauty, Dignity and Survival
The Atlas lion differs from other lions in that the male has a long, thick, dark mane
that extends along the back and ... hairs of the mane protect the neck and throat
from scratches and bites during fights
40. Endangered Wildlife and Plants of the World: Igu-man
Coloration can vary widely from a light buff and silvery gray to yellowish red and
golden brown. The male has a distinctive mane that apparently protects the neck
when lions fight one another.
41. Lion Vs. Tiger
Only one thing spoils a male lion's camouflage — his big dark mane. Some
zoologists think the stiff, wiry hair helps protect the lion in fights. Others believe it
is just ... It shows a lion will be good at fighting and protecting his pride.
42. The Virtues Unveiled
The male lion's mane, which increases with age, adds grandeur to this ferocious
cat, and serves to visually intimidate other lions. It also protects the lion's throat
against lethal bites during a fight. Allegorical (Greek, Allegoria) To say something ...
So as you can see, I'm still tryng to place why the lion has less credability of the mainstream society like wiki an the other's I mention. But oh well's hopefully those^^^ information's can be appreciated by those who wish to learn factual data instead of Properganda an Bia's cultrual idlelization's.