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One of the biggest youtube come backs are...Huh, tigers kill Guar the biggest of the biggys, they are around 500-1,000 pounds hevier than a water or cap buaffalo, Uhhh? Well...If they wanna brag on idioc things such as weights, lol lions rutinely can take down Hippos an last time I checked they average 5,000 pounds as adults easy, an they can tip the scales at 8,000-10,000 pounds at max, so thats almost 3x the size of any guar on average or at max, I dont know if theres any abundentcy of tigers killing big boys like these...
{Lions killing hippos}
Not far from this pride another pride in Linyanti Botswana specializes in killing Hippo.
Fourth hippo killed.
The five male lions coalition (Notch & sons) killed a Hippo near Rekero last night. I found them this morning feeding ont he hippo, thouhg Notch himself had already eaten and was sleeping in teh shade about a hundred metres fro teh carcass.
As the morning sun started getting hot, the lions left the carcass one by one untill only one was left and this one decided to guard the carcass from teh Hyaenas that were waiting around.
While watching this, some four Buffalo bulls came towards the carcass. Tehy soon picked teh scent of the lions and they started charing at two males that were sleeping in the bush, driving them away from the vicinity of the carcass, although Notch was spared since he was a bit further. The Buffaloes left breifely before coming back and started chasing the lions again around. This time they went upto the carcass and drove away the one that was watching over it, and drove them away including Notch.
After this drama which lasted half of the morning, the Buffaloes gave up and left the lions to continue with feast. This is the fourth Hippo we have seen recently killed by the five. It seems they are now tunring to the Hippos since there is not much else to hunt.
Pilanesberg National Park, South Africa
lion have killed and fed
off three hippos this month

Besides isolated cases of Hippo predation by Lions their main threat is from humans. That said there is a pride of Lions in northern Botswana that used to prey on Hippo regularly. The majority of Hippo / predator interaction is from Hippo defending their territories from roaming predators.
Results 1 - 15 of 131 ... Filmed in Botswana, from about 10 feet away from the lion. The lion had killed the
hippo the night before. The hippo is belly up.