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Over-pessimistic on several fronts:

1. You don't need an artificial black hole to create a warp drive, and the energy requirements might not be as bad as first thought. There are already proposals for laboratory experiments to detect whether a warp effect can actually be created, although no one is proposing that a Zephram Cochrane will appear in our lifetimes.

2. The Oort Cloud is not a boulder-strewn rubble field like the Millennium Falcon went through. The bodies in it are estimated to be separated by distances comparable to the width of our solar system. Gas and dust are an acknowledged problem, and most proposals for fast interstellar flight presume some sort of system for clearing the way- lasers, or magnetic shields, or expendable drones.

3. No one proposes a 100,000 year journey; 1% of the speed of light would get you to the nearest solar systems in about 500 years, 5% within 100 years. Presumably long before we could launch such a journey we'd be familiar with keeping people alive and well in habitats within our system. And no the colonists wouldn't be crammed into a ridiculously small ship.

4. If we've learned to live in our solar system beyond Earth, we don't need a viable ecosystem waiting for us at our destination. See above about keeping people alive and well in habitats. Interstellar colonization isn't going to be a Heinleinesque "Farmer in the Sky" scenario of neo-pioneers building log cabins and plowing the new land.