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Originally Posted by Peremensoe View Post
I didn't see any comment on sublight voyages other than generation and sleeper ships. What about digitized minds, robots, and stored DNA? We don't have to transport whole people across the gulfs; we build them on arrival, or we don't bother with old-style biological bodies at all. So send out as many relatively-small probes as we can build, and accept that some fraction will go awry or be destroyed.
Already commented. If you can send the robots, you can obviously send the clones as well. It would be much simpler and take up less space, and requires less advanced technology. Over-complicating the problem isn't necessary, since the problem is already complicated.

As for the predicted demise of humanity within 100,000 years: quite possible. But shouldn't we try to avoid that?
Sure. One solution would be to ensure that we colonize other star systems.

Preserving our home world (as long as the sun remains amenable) and reaching out as far into space as we can manage--these seem like they should be fundamental species motives.
I concur, this is why I try to reduce the size of the problem, not create new and unnecessary ones.

If you're just going to send robots and computers, with the intent to create the people when you get there, you might as well freeze the people and send them too. I guarantee you that livestock and seeds and stored food reserves and actual people will be easier to turn into a colony than manufacturing one cell at a time and trying to build a human colony from that.

The issue is getting there in the first place. So we're talking about firing sperm into space (a large number of redundant spacecraft) at very slow speeds (we're talking hundreds of thousands of years to destination) which was my entire point. We're not going to be doing that, because it's prohibitively expensive and the duration is longer than 100,000 years.

I mean, if you're going to go that slowly, you might as well put a message in a bottle and literally hurl it to the next star system. Never mind with all this technology nonsense. Just send out a bunch of probes filled with bacteria and shit, and hope it crashes into a planet sometime in the far future. Make panspermia a reality.

If you're going to replicate people using Star Trek replicator technology, then all you send is a computer with a database containing detailed files on DNA, a sensor array that detects star systems and knows how to navigate, and you send a replicator, and you build a billion of these things, and you send them at cruising speeds of 10,000 miles per hour in all directions, and hope that a few of them survive the journey and crash into alien planets.

Why do you hate humanity, pizza man??
Well, mostly because of the kind of nonsense that causes people to murder other people in the name of their imaginary friend. And the folks that don't tip.

I'd be willing to freeze them and send them out as probes. They're useless to us down on Earth anyway.