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Originally Posted by Peremensoe View Post
I disagree that machines to build people are no easier to transport than people. You don't need a woman, you just need a 'womb' and gametes. The tricky part is the mechanisms to support the infants and children. That's why assembling 'adult' bodies from non-organic materials on site might be most practical.
Okay, we'll agree to disagree.

In the meantime, we have human women, and they can make more people already.

When we invent the technology your fiction requires, then we can measure its size, and then our debate will be over.

I still betcha a human woman will be smaller than such technology, and easier to make. For example, I can make a human woman just by fuckin' one.

Specialized robots to do this can certainly be smaller and simpler than the general-purpose bodies they build. Then download the stored minds. Then cultivate the bio-babies, if we're still attached to flesh as part of authentically human identity.
Keeping in mind this does nothing to address the problem of getting there in the first place, and that we already know how to make human bodies without need of such technology, and that it adds complicated steps to an already complicated problem, and that it won't affect the travel time in the slightest, sure.

I just want to return to my main premise, which is that we're trying to make the problem easier to solve, and the number of problems involved to be a smaller number, and the number of years required to be fewer. Increasing the number of problems without solving any of them doesn't help.

ETA: I would say that the murderers and bad tippers should be ineligible for either the cold-transport or the encoding. We may not want them here, but it would be worse to make them our legacy to the stars.
Whatever happened to the Christian concept of redemption and forgiveness?

Give them a few thousand years to think about what they've done, I say.

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