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Originally Posted by Colophon View Post
Yeah, this.

Since when has Nasa been in the business of promising interstellar jaunts? Even getting a manned Mars mission off the ground is pretty hard going.
Well, I hear folks like Neil Degrasse Tyson and all sorts of physicists and astronomers and scientists of all stripes tell us that the reason we're funding NASA isn't just to collect data, but to spread humanity throughout the stars.

We already have probes collecting data. So why fund manned missions to anything? Why colonize Mars? If you really want to assure humanity's future, you have to escape the Sol system. We already have the technology to colonize Mars. It's just prohibitively expensive. So you watch the science channels and discovery channels and you hear all these scientists talk about looking beyond, and ensuring humanity's long term survival, and all this, and they build up our interest by talking about possibly needing light-speed travel, and that's all well and good to keep the public interested in space.

But if you want to make good on those promises, you need a method of getting there. And to me, 100 thousand years is a ludicrous amount of time to wait. We might as well strap people to the next Voyager-style probe for all the good that does. So talk about the technology that allows us to do this faster.

All I see so far is folks ignoring the problem, adding to the travel time, or requiring technology we don't have to do things we already know how to do.

I already know how to make the problem worse. You don't win the Nobel Prize for that kind of an idea. We're not trying to make the problem worse, we're trying to solve the problem or make it less daunting.