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Originally Posted by Half Man Half Wit View Post
Then it should be easy for you to point out what those differences are in the example I gave, where the physical system is completely identical in each case, and yet, can be taken to implement both f and f'.
I don't know what you mean by "identical". If you mean "identical at the level of which electron is moving down which wire at the same time", then you can't be implementing both f and f' at the same time and having them both producing the same single output. It's literally impossible. It's sort of like trying to pat your head and rub your belly button at the same time with the same hand. Or with two hands that are doing exactly the same actions on the same identical body, as the case may be.

Does your argument rely on something impossible?

Seriously, when we talk about calculations being a 'black box' where you can't tell what's going on inside it, it doesn't mean that the internal calculations are experiencing multiple different program states simultaneously like schroedinger's cat. That's bizarre.

Originally Posted by Half Man Half Wit View Post
No. My claim is, a system only computes once it is interpreted as computing.
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Minds are the only sorts of things we know of that are capable of interpretation, so yes, there's a little bit (you know, it's key point) about my argument that's specific to mind.
So what you're saying is that if everyone who knows about a computer dies the computer magically stops working because it depended on the "interpretation" (which only human brains can do) knowing about it to function.

Yeah, kind of not feeling that.