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Was anyone here good with binds? I used to have one for flying that would automatically change between Hover and Fly depending on whether you were moving or not. (I didn't write it, else I think I'd be able to re-create it). IIRC, the one I used required a couple .txt files. Does that ring a bell with anyone?
TexasAndroid linked his old "Speed on Demand" binds, with instructions, here:

I don't like the ground-speed toggles (which require you to dedicate a tray slot) and would make some other modifications before I used them, but you may like them as-is. It's a starting point, at least.

Originally Posted by bauble View Post
And for that matter: does anyone remember Vidiot maps? I think I've got the files, but they don't install with Tequila...and I don't know how to install them manually. Anyone?
Here are instructions for loading VidiotMaps, with updated maps for Homecoming:,4021.0.html