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Originally Posted by Oredigger77 View Post
From what you've been saying you pay $300/hour to get laid plus a base cost of $1,400 round trip airfare plus $150 for a hotel for the weekend. It costs you $1,850 to get laid I'll assume three times so you're paying ~$620 to get off. By your theory, that women don't need to be coerced if you're paying them a week salary per hour, you could afford hot women making $32K per year here in the US so you can bang up to $15/hr. Why aren't you propositioning the minimum wage hotties where you live?
Increase the numbers. 10 days. Airfare was $770, Lufthansa. 35 a day to stay in an apartment. 1-2 encounters per day.

And yeah, at that rate it's only a little better than local, where a stripper was charging me 340 plus I have to drive an hour to see her.

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