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Originally Posted by Drain Bead View Post
Every time he posts something about the New York Giants on his LJ I want to comment "FINISH YOUR FUCKING BOOK!" but I'm just too damned nice. I've been reading this series since I was 18. I am now 31. At this point I just hope he finishes it before I die.
He posted about a year ago on his LJ about some figurines for sale, one of them including Daenerys. I commented how I found it odd that Daenerys had silvery blonde hair because that's not how I was envisioning her. He actually responded to me, slightly incredulous, stating that OF COURSE Daenerys has silver hair. He'd only written about it in every friggin paragraph of every chapter of hers.
Hyperbole aside, I was suitably embarrassed.
But then I thought about it. And I held my tongue rather than reply back what I really wanted: gosh, I'm sorry. It's literally been 8 years since I've read a single thing about Daenerys. I'm sure a detail or two has slipped my mind in that time.

Four years ago he came out with a Feast of Crows with the promise that A Dance of Dragons would be just a few months away.
Two years ago was the last time he's updated his webpage that shows what progress he's made on the book.
I'm of the belief that ADoD, when (if) it comes out, will be the last book in the series.
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