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Originally Posted by HazelNutCoffee View Post
The trouble is, I'm still interested to know what happens next. With Wheel of Time I fell into apathy after the 10th book (or was it 11th? don't remember) and wasn't all that upset when Jordan died (I mean, I was sorry he was dead, but not as annoyed as a lot of his readers). If Martin dies I may just write my own ending so I can get some sort of closure and move on with my life.

Must have been 10 I just finished it and all 1000 pages of the book take place over two weeks and basically just talk about what everyone else was doing during 9. I'm doing a reread in preparation for 12 coming out next week.

I've given up on Martin there were too many chapters about characters I either didn't care about or actively disliked being in their heads. I don't even remember if i read the last book. Jordan on the other hand wandered a lot but there are no characters that when I see a chapter is going to be about them I consider if I want to skip the chapter.